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In addition to my novel The Holy Lance I've published Theorizing Medieval Geopolitics (2012),  a single-authored academic books dealing with war and peace in the European Middle Ages, and The Idea of Sovereignty at the Turn of the 14th Century (2018), a short self-published book on the way in which the conflict between Pope Boniface and King Philip (1296-1303) can rise to the recognizably modern idea of sovereignty. 


I'm currently working on a follow-on to that book provisionally entitled Sovereignty: A Birth of an Idea, 1198-1296.  It is scheduled to be published by ARC Humanities Press/Amsterdam University Press in mid-2019.

The Holy Lance is available here

The Idea of Sovereignty at the Turn of the 14th Century  is available here.

Theorizing Medieval Geopolitics is available here












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