I am a professor of international relations and political thought at Macalester College, a top-25 liberal arts college in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

I am also a Research Associate with the Centre for Defence and Security Studies in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Since arriving at Macalester College in 1997, I have taught courses such as:


  • Regional Conflict and Security (which has variously focused on Iraq; Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan; and the Indo-Pacific Region);

  • War and Islam;

  • War and Peace in the Middle East;

  • The Global War on Terror;

  • US Foreign and Defense Policy,;

  • International Security;

  • Strategic Studies;

  • Advanced International Theory;

  • Chinese Foreign Policy; and,

  • The Politics of the World Wars.


I received my B.A. and PhD from York University in Toronto, Canada and my M.A. from Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada (where I earned the Best Thesis in International Relations Award).  


Prior to arriving at Macalester in 1997, I was:


  • Assistant Director of the Centre for International and Security Studies, York University, Toronto;

  • Research Fellow with the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade;

  • Lecturer at the Canadian Armed Forces School of Aerospace Studies (Winnipeg, Canada);

  • Lecturer at the University of Manitoba (where I earned a university-wide award for Teaching Excellence); and

  • Research Associate with the Centre for Defence and Security Studies. 

I was also the beneficiary of a Canadian Department of National Defence "Military and Strategic Studies" graduate scholarship.


In addition to international relations, I am also interested in political thought. In recent years I have taught Liberal and Conservative Political Thought, Medieval Political Thought, Introduction to Political Theory, as well as a number of courses dealing with classical Islamic and Chinese political thought. I have also published in the field of Catholic international thought.