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Andrew Latham, MA PhD

Professor of

International Relations and Political Theory

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I am a professor of international relations and political theory at Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN; a Non-Resident Fellow at the think tank Defense Priorities in Washington, DC; and a regular opinion contributor with The Hill, also in Washington, DC.

I regularly offer commentary and analysis on issues related to great power rivalry; US foreign and defense policy; Sino-American relations; the war in Ukraine; and strategic competition in the Arctic, Persian Gulf and Indo-Pacific regions.


China's Grand Strategy: A History, 1950-2050 (McGill-Queen's University Press, in progress, 2023)

Medieval Sovereignty (ARC/Amsterdam University Press, 2022)

Theorizing Medieval Geopolitics: War and World Order in the Age of the Crusades (Routledge, 2012)


Invited contributor, “Ask the Experts: Will China and Russia Stay Aligned?” Foreign Affairs magazine, 21 June 2022.

“What would a Chinese strategy of restraint look like?” The Hill, 16 June 2022.

“The Unpalatable Truth in Ukraine,” The Hill, 2 June 2022.


Andrew Latham and Austin Wu (’23), “Hidden Victory? The Winter War and Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine,” E-International Relations (27 May 2022).


"Russia Squandered Decades Worth of Soft Power Gains Over Ukraine War,” Newsweek, 26 May 2022"


"The Folly of Humiliating Russia," The Hill, 25 May 2020.


"How the US could become ultimate winner of the war in Ukraine," The Hill, 19 May 2022.


"The Liberal International Order is Over. What Comes Next?" The Hill, 5 May 2022.


"Don't let the war in Ukraine distract from transformative events elsewhere," The Hill, 22 April 2022.


Andrew Latham and Audun Sundeen, “The Geopolitical Implications of the Russo-Ukraine War for Central Asia," E-International Relations, 18 April 2022.


"The war is not yet over, but Ukraine has already lost," The Hill, 7 April 2022.


"The China-Russia Alliance,” Morning Rush, Newsy, 31 March 2022.


"Will Ukraine Win the War Against Russia?” Newsweek, 28 March 2022.


"Three Reasons Why the China-Russian Relationship is Deepening,” The Hill, 25 March 2022.


"Negotiating an end to the Russo-Ukraine War,” Morning Wave, BeFM Public Radio, Busan, Republic of Korea, 23 March 2022.


"Moral panic over Ukraine risks nuclear war,” The Critic, 21 March 2022."

"How will the war in Ukraine end? 10 Experts Weight in," Newsweek, 17 March 2022.


"Three geopolitical lessons China is learning from Russia's war in Ukraine," The Hill, 10 March 2022.


"The West Must Offer Putin a Golden Bridge Out of Conflict," The Hill, 2 March 2022.


"Shattering the Myth of Vladimir Putin as Strategic Genius," The Hill, 24 February 2022.


"Joe Biden's 'Three-Magnet Problem'", The Hill, 10 February 2022.


"Spheres Of Influence Are Back -- Whether US Policymakers Accept It Or Not," The Hill, 27 January 2022.


"The Upside of a Nuclear-Armed Iran," The Hill, 13 January 2022.


"Heroes, Villains and the Study of International Relations," The Wall Street Journal, 4 January 2022.

Public Lectures

I regularly give public talks under the auspices of the Foreign Policy Association's "Great Decisions" program. This program is America’s largest discussion program on world affairs.

Over the past few years I have given talks on topics such as:

  • Putin's Russia

  • Security on the Korean Peninsula

  • The Iran Nuclear Deal

  • The Tragedy of Great Power Politics

  • The Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific Region

  • Strategic Competition in the Persian Gulf

  • Biden's Foreign Policy, and

  • Great Power Competition in the Arctic

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